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Well there are many reasons for divorce. One has to learn how to keep the marriage going on. Any way if the marriage is going to the end, it may be a starting for a new life. I have gone through many blogs and sites about divorce, One site which i found good is http://www.vetranolaw.com you should check it once.

Separation and divorce are among the most painful and disruptive events that an individual and family can experience. The emotions that divorce induce clash with emotions you have felt in the past, and with the core of who you are. After all, many times your marriage is a big part of your identity.

The horror stories often told of people's dealings with the adversarial divorce process brings you much more distrust and fear that needs be. The healing antidote for distrust is learning to TRUST. The collaborative process fosters trust by encouraging increasing degrees of risk-taking in open disclosure.

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