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Making a relationship work needs consistent effort from both partners. Sometimes deciding to end or hang-on to marriage is not more about the belief or moral orientation of the couple, even the most liberal of partners still try to make the relationship to work even if they have been on bad terms for long, maybe due to infidelity or one is addicted to porn.

I agree with you, Kimberly. Often why a relationship isn't working is impacted more by lack of motivation than anything else. As long as someone is actively addicted to something (as opposed to being in recovery), it is hard to even attempt to change the relationship for the better.

I'm not too familiar with DeAngelo, but some people swear by his recommendation that a man be what is called "c0cky funny". It's part of the idea that a humorous, talkative douchebag will do better than the Nice Guy will, which is actually true.. . There was a guy at Gender Studies who often pimped the DYD site, but I haven't seen him there lately.

there had to be some fault on both sides of the relationship that created strain and hindered it from blossoming into something more productive.

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