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Complexity is a vital key to compassionate understanding of others. A person we are dealing with may have more than one process addiction, or a process addiction coupled with a substance addiction of which we are completely unaware. We don't need to decide anyone else's truth. But we are well served by always trying to understand others better, while we interact kindly and as effectively as we can. Thanks for the book recommendation and for raising such important points.

The case about sex addiction has always been complex issue. Those who are not sufferers or doesn't have a relative or a friend undergoing such addiction may not fully understand it. It is therefore imperative that we keep an open mind and an understanding heart.

Thanks for your comments, Kebba and Shane. As Rob Weiss points out, relationship addictions are being brought to the attention of experts by the public, not the other way around. Now it is our job to help clarify and heal these issues sensitively so that we can all benefit from the information that's coming before us.

I couldn't agree more!

In my opinion, sex, romance, and love addiction are all connected to each other. Because romance and love addicts tend to find sex to fill the emptiness and alter the pain they feel, they eventually becomes sex addicts.. So I guess it's safe to say that in order to treat one addiction, you have to treat all three..

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